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File Management System

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-05-2023 06:28 PM |

File Management System is a system (based on computer programs in the case of the management of digital documents) used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and mo...

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Petshop Management System

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-07-2023 01:04 PM |

The capstone project entitled “Pet Shop Management System” is a system that allows pet shops to electronically manage their daily transactions. The system will automate keeping of pet records, inventory, billing, services and products and other trans...

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Digital Attendance System

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-08-2023 03:24 PM |

Attendance Management System is a Web Based Developed for dailyemployee attendance in company. If facilitates to access the attendance information of a particular employee in a particular work place.

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Attendance System

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-08-2023 07:44 PM |

It helps to keep attendance track for every concerned individualTrack the attendance of each of your employees.

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Online ecommerce

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-09-2023 05:04 PM |

 E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or thetransmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet.These businesstransactions occur either as business-to-business,business-to-con...

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Teacher form evaluation

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-09-2023 08:34 AM |

This teacher form evaluation can be used to assess teaching practices using responses "Outstanding, Very Satisfactory,Satisfactory,Fair,Poor".This checklist covers assesntial questions to measure the teacher'sensthusiasm,preparedness,and effectivenes...

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Covid19 Tracking Website

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-09-2023 10:04 AM |

The purpose of this website is for us to know a person if he has covid19 here he just needs to put his full details so that he can easily trace me once he has symptoms of covid19 and when he is fillup here generate this website with qrcode with its f...

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One form with3 table

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-10-2023 12:54 PM |

I'll show you how to use this OOP PDO, it's a big help for those who want to study it, thank you very much.

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Online School Documents Processing System

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-10-2023 02:46 PM |

Online School Documents Processing System is a capstone project intended to be an online platform in processing different school documents. Processing of school documents will be done electronically by the use of the system.

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Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-11-2023 12:04 PM |

This inventory is a big deal in your business so that we can determine how many products have been reduced or sold and we can also find out here how much we earned this month and last month and year and many others...

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Human Resource Information

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-12-2023 11:04 AM |

This Human Resource Information is a great help for our own company and can track each employee what time, date he can be assigned to different branches and I know what branch he used to be and so on ..

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GYM Management System

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-13-2023 06:07 AM |

This gym management system has POS and equipement inventory, GYM fee inventory, product inventory sale inventory, visitor monitoring, and also consists of admin and staff for pos etc...

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Herbal Plant Website

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-14-2023 03:24 AM |

 Herbal medicines are plant-based medicines made from differing combinations of plant part e.g. leave,flowers or roots.Each part can have different medicinal uses and the many types of chemical constituents require different extraction methods.Both f...

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Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-15-2023 09:09 AM |

I did something in simple CRUD using PDO REST API I hope it will help those who want to learn API and how it works using postman too.., thank you very much for supporting my videos.

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Chat System

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-15-2023 07:04 AM |

I have created a simple Chat Sytem using PDO OOP here, you can send a message to him even if he is online or offline, this is a group chat, if you really call it that, thank you very much to everyone who supports my videos.

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Warehouse Management System

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-19-2023 02:04 AM |

Warehouse management system(Inventory management system) is a step in the supply chain where inventory and stock quantities are tracked in and out of your warehouse.The purpose of the Warehouse management system (Inventory management system) is to kn...

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Pet Clinic Appointment

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-20-2023 05:20 PM |

This pet clinic, you can put a schedule using the calendar appointment when you want to see your pet if it is sick or anything else from your pet, this system has two roles Admin and Client User are visible the admin dashboard is still only in the im...

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Sample System Using PHP PDO OOP

Posted by: junil toledo | Feb-19-2024 03:47 AM |

This I made in OOP/PHP PDO is only for those who want to learn PHP Class also using PDO I hope I can help you thank you all for your support so you can understand better just watch my video I made for this..<br><br>Youtube Tutorials link:<b> https://...

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Online Research Portal Using PHP MySqli

Posted by: junil toledo | Feb-19-2024 04:07 AM |

This online portal was made in their area so that every citizen can be updated on what is happening in their area, the admin can post updates on what is happening, this is a big thing, just like a newspaper, I hope you get an idea, thank you very muc...

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