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Laravel 10 CRUD

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-04-2023 05:29 PM |

Laravel CRUD (Create, read, update and delete) tutorial · Prerequisites · Adding and configuring our Database · Creating our Model · Adding Controller and Routing.

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Hospital Appointment System

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-21-2023 12:08 PM |

Let's make a Hospital Appointment System using <b>laravel 10</b>. This is for those who want to book themselves if they have any illness in their body. Let's also used jetstream.auth, sanctum.auth_session here to login I hope you like it thank you ve...

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Ice Cream Selling Website

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-23-2023 09:36 PM |

This Ice cream selling website that I made using <b>laravel 10</b> will help you in your school projects, own business and others, if you are planning to create ordering systems, e-commerce and others still using laravel, I hope you don't forget to s...

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Custom Login And Registration

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-24-2023 05:42 PM |

I made a custom login and registration with dashboard using this <b>laravel 10</b> I hope you like it I made it I also just want to share the plan to learn laravel framewok top php framework don't forget to support this I almost made it simple but gr...

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Laravel 10 Yajra Datatables

Posted by: junil toledo | Mar-30-2023 10:23 PM |

Laravel 10 Yajra Datatables, this is what I tried to use in my website in <b>Laravel 10</b>. It is good for server side. that I put about 27000 up data information using this seeders build in by laravel, his table is ok.. it doesn't slow down... I ho...

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Online Store

Posted by: junil toledo | Apr-06-2023 02:25 AM |

I made a simple online store for someone who wants to sell their products online. I used <b>laravel 10</b> here. Thank you very much for tirelessly monitoring my little forum. Anyway, the database is already inside the folder. I can help you with you...

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Car Rental System Using Laravel10

Posted by: junil toledo | Jun-10-2023 03:33 AM |

This Car Rental System is that we will convert this template to laravel 10. I hope you like this template and it will help you in your project, thesis, etc.. don't forget to subscribe to my videos on youtube channel and share this is my forum...just...

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Laravel10 and vuejs CRUD

Posted by: junil toledo | Jun-10-2023 07:08 PM |

This laravel10 with vuejs using API is a big help to those who want to learn this part, I hope it helps you even though it's simple but it helps a lot.

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Post Site Using Laravel livewire Complete Sourcecode

Posted by: junil toledo | Dec-20-2023 04:01 AM |

Create a simple blog that you can post your personal info and include a picture with login and registration and a dashboard. I hope you like it because it is indemand to companies. Don't forget to support my youtube channel junil toledo.

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Free Evacuation Center Using Laravel10 Free Sourcecode

Posted by: junil toledo | Dec-20-2023 08:26 PM |

I created a free evacuation center for our area, just for example, there are earthquakes, typhoons, earthquakes and others that we can give them a place to stay because they lost their homes, so try it I made it, you can do it thesis or whatever for...

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